Pulsing with inspiration

A space for exchange, development and inspiration – BASIS Vinschgau Venosta is a Social Activation Hub providing guidance and motivation for experimentation. Bringing together business, education, culture and social issues. The Social Activation Hub enables cross-sector, holistic communicative development in the valley and beyond. BASIS works at the interface between modern economics, informal education, contemporary culture and socio-cultural development.
As a hub for the recognition and spreading of knowledge, as well as for qualitative practical experience among pupils, professionals, companies and communities. BASIS wants to take on existing competencies, translate global trends and build creative potential. A constructive climate encourages experimentation, strengthens individual responsibility and allows for dynamic and resilient growth. BASIS is intended to strengthen communities in rural areas while also providing habitat and inspiration for its young people.

Brain Gain vs Brain Drain

BASIS Vinschgau Venosta believes that industries can learn from and enrich each other, provided there is an existing framework. As a networking and exchange platform, BASIS is vibrant and inspiring, a space that works across generations, openly and practically – an incubator for discussion and exchange.
The impact of the project on regional development has the potential to include economic growth as well as the diversification of the economic configuration of the cross-border region. By strengthening the creative cluster and promoting the emergence of new players, and balancing institutional forces the “economic management” of civil society can be addressed. BASIS would also like to counteract the problems arising from migration and attract qualified specialists to the region. Another positive effect could also be the creation of a prototype, for adaptation in similar peripheral areas with different contexts. BASIS combines both workshop and think tank with a completely new vision.

An Experimental Networking Space

The former Druso barracks on the western outskirts of Schlanders/Silandro is set to open its doors again. Yup – you heard it here first! In 2014, the four-hectare site of the former “Caserma Druso” passed from the state to the community. Completed in 1937, and housing 1,200 troops at its peak, the immense barracks last served in a military capacity, before being abandoned at the end of the 1990s. Initially built to handle essential operations and supplies, one of the four buildings has been working hard since 2018.”Palazzina servizi”, the former barracks supply building, has been developed in accordance with the municipality of Schlanders/Silandro as a Social Activation Hub within the framework of the regional development project for research, innovation and creative industries EFRE1053. The Social Activation Hub is a space that inspires people to take responsibility for themselves and others – enhancing themselves and their community..

True-to-life Workshop and Think Tank

The barracks area in Schlanders/Silandro covers a total of four hectares, on which there are four buildings: Palazzina Comando, Palazzina Tagliamento, Palazzina Misurata and Palazzina Servizi. The latter is the seat of BASIS Vinschgau Venosta. Covering an area of 2,300 m2, spread over two levels, the new infrastructure takes up the original use and architectural layout of the building and gives it over to a new function: A practical space for regional and social development in the fields of economy, culture, education and social affairs. Comparatively minor adjustments are needed to make it available to the population over the next few decades which is not only an attractive example of sustainability and repurposing, but also one which comparatively will not require large amounts of financing or resources. With this in mind it makes sense that investments in infrastructure, equipment, human resources and partnerships are designed for the long term.

Welcome at The Social Activation Hub

Situated in an interesting and historical setting, BASIS Vinschgau Venosta is a cross-sectoral platform for a peripheral rural catchment. The former “Caserma Druso” barracks supply building – “Palazzina Servizi” is located in Schlanders/Silandro in the Vinschgau /Venosta region, in the western part of South Tyrol, northern Italy. The geographical proximity to the town results in an ideal location for housing the integrative development project “BASIS Vinschgau Venosta” and as a highly convenient service and training location. Our vision; reactivating self-initiative, enthusiasm and responsibility in the population while enabling, shaping and consolidating cross-sectoral development processes.

You and Me and Someone Else…

BASIS attaches great importance – at a local, national and international level – to working together with associations, institutions and schools and to jointly promoting and offering initiatives. In schools, for example, workshops are held to raise awareness of new technologies. In autumn 2019, the Master of Science “Conceptual Preservation of Historic Monuments” will again be launched in cooperation with the ETH Zürich Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, the St. Johann Monastery Foundation in Müstair and the Danube University Krems. In cooperation with institutions such as NOI, IDM, Laimburg, Eurac and Uni Bolzano, research and innovation can flow directly between companies and society and also strengthen the competitiveness of the local economy. This new form of co-operation between civil society and science, which focuses on mutual learning in an experimental environment, is, in fact, a real-life workshop. Other former partners of BASIS include the LVH (Landesverband der Handwerker Südtirol), the Ost West Club Merano, Astra 2.0 Bressanone, Atract Ora, ZKU Berlin.

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