Veröffentlichung im Sinne der Transparenzbestimmungen/Pubblicazione ai fini della trasparenza 2021: Amt für Innovation und Technologie/Ufficio Innovazione e tecnologia: 217.000€ – Amt für Kultur/Ufficio cultura: 63.000€ – Marktgemeinde Schlanders/Comune di Silandro: 100.000€ – Gemeinde Mals: 6.000€


Our spaces

Find the appropriate space that suits you and your purposes!
On the upper floor of the building is the shared workspace, the so-called coworking space. Right next to it is the community space Salotto, the seminar room and four temporary project apartments. On the lower floor is the practical area. The open work, processing and production rooms offer enough space and suitable machines for repairing, developing and building prototypes. Another part of the building is dedicated to knowledge transfer and meeting and includes a spacious event space called KASINO. The focus is on the promotion of trans-sectoral and intercultural thinking in terms of personal as well as non-profit development, international networking and cooperation. By re-using the former Palazzina Servizi, BASIS Vinschgau Venosta wants to create free space for creativity, experimentation and contemporary ways of working and motivate the population to actively shape their living and economic space.


Coworking/ shared workspace

You can easily rent your own desk in the shared workspace. It enables transdisciplinary work in a creative and innovative environment. The coworking space is a temporary or long-term location for freelancers, startups, commuters, digital nomads, returnees or free spirits, where ideas are exchanged or transferred, and networking takes place.


Seminar- & meetingroom

The approximately 100m² fully equipped seminar room offers ideal conditions for meetings of various kinds and can be rented by companies or private individuals. The direct access to the terrace and the common room Salotto allows independent holding of workshops, courses, seminars and private parties.


Community room

The so-called Salotto is the perfect place for discussion groups, workshops, readings, smaller parties or just to hang out together. It is equipped with comfortable sofas, tables and chairs, a bar and kitchen, and a working pizza oven. It is probably the coziest room in the Drusus barracks, where already the Italian military spent common evenings and ate pizza.

Arcade Room

Retreat area

The rearmost room on the upper floor, directly connected to the shared workspaces, serves as a retreat and pastime during and after work. It is a place to get away from it all, to get to know the other coworkers better and to play table tennis or pinball. The room can also be used for longer phone calls that cannot take place in the workroom.


Bar area

Right next to the event room is our fully equipped bar. It has a large counter, work surfaces, cold rooms, dispensers and a coffee machine. A large cold room and storage are located right next to the bar and can be shared. There is enough space in the bar for smaller parties, receptions or gatherings. During events at the  KASINO, the bar is always open for refreshments and drinks.

Backstage & Macello

Backstage area

During and after concerts, in the former butcher’s shop of the barracks, the afterparty of bands and their groupies takes place. With its own bathroom and cozy sofa corner, it is also a retreat and hang-out place for other small groups. Thus, the entire stage back room can be rented for small events and parties. Through two glass doors the room is connected to the moat outside.


Event location

The so-called KASINO can be rented as an event space for concerts, theater, lectures, conferences, meetings or private and corporate parties. Due to a soundproof cover, a lifting platform, a lighting system and the backstage access, the 220m² large and 10m high room is the perfect event location. The bar area, gallery and backstage can be used during the events.

Digital lab & Officina


A part of the first floor in the building can be rented as a digital laboratory and open workshop by craftsmen, artists, tinkerers and hobbyists. After a short training session, it is also possible to rent the machines and materials provided. The space promotes project-based work and can be combined with the use of coworking on demand.



Modern and pleasant residing in the former Drusus barracks is possible! The four maisonette apartments can be rented for a short period of time. Priority is given to people who care about a specific project in BASIS Vinschgau Venosta or related and need a temporary place to stay on site. The fully equipped kitchen in the common room can be used at any time. Interested? So click here!


Exhibition area

The well-lit gallery in the entrance area on the first floor is perfect for vernissages and exhibitions of any kind. It is directly connected to the bar and can also be rented as a foyer for parties or receptions. Daylight is guaranteed through the one-sided glass wall and pictures or sculptures can thus be properly staged.

Spüle/ sink - off space

Creative & thinking space

In the former washing-up and dishwashing room of the Palazzina Servizi in the basement there is the flexibly usable place for painting and handicrafts. It can be used for creative and craft purposes of any kind or as a retreat or thinking space and studio. The so-called Spüle can also be rented for creative workshops with children and adults.


Our outdoor locations

The large area around the building allows the development of the people acting in the BASIS Vinschgau Venosta and the visitors. On request, all areas can be booked flexibly, whether for private purposes, corporate events or public events. The outdoor area can and should be used creatively and is accessible to interested people. Outdoor work and outdoor events are also possible on warm spring, autumn and summer days. The basic structure of the former barracks has remained unchanged, including the outside area.

In front above


The large terrace can be wonderfully used and rented for outdoor events of all kinds and is directly connected to the common room, the kitchen and the coworking space. It faces east and is therefore equipped with sun loungers and sunshades on summer days to enjoy the sun as long as possible.


Basketball court

On the drill field there is still the former small basketball court, with a basket, where the soldiers used to let off steam. Today it is used for sports activities, for example as a parkour for cyclists, as a volleyball court or of course as a basketball court. From time to time, however, it also serves as a barbecue and chill-out area.

rear over


The moat is a real secret hideaway and our tip for events of a special kind. Due to the narrow but long and curved shape, as well as the high walls, it is in a protected position. Direct access to the building and sanitary facilities is guaranteed. The moat can also be used as a smoking area during events.



The green space in front of the building, directly accessible from the coworking space, serves as a quiet place to work in the fresh air, as a come-together during work breaks or for outdoor events of any kind. The meadow can be used in many ways and rented at will. Volunteers have planted herbs and flowers here. It is the perfect place for hobby gardeners and interested people to let off steam.

Work- & production rooms

Creative studio in the palazzina tagliamento

The so-called creative studio of BASIS, the former palazzina tagliamento, which houses workshops, production rooms and studios, is easily rented if required. The individual rooms in the building are currently being painstakingly renovated by various craftsmen and artists and put into condition for temporary interim use. Production and work rooms, studios, but also social rooms are to be created in it, so that the otherwise empty building is revived and upgraded. Some rooms on the first floor are already rented, but there is always room for more craftsmen, creative minds and artists. The rooms are of different sizes and can be designed and used by themselves. Click here for more infos!


Sharing is caring

What we have lying around in BASIS, we also like to share, lend and rent. After an introduction and for payment machines and tools can be used. The team around BASIS Vinschgau Venosta is also happy to provide information and help with the planning and execution of projects and events.


Close to life workshop and think tank

The barracks area in Silandro covers a total of four hectares, on which there are four buildings: the Palazzina Comando, the Palazzina Tagliamento, the Palazzina Misurata and the Palazzina Servizi. The latter is the headquarters of BASIS Vinschgau Venosta. With an area of 2,300 m², distributed on two levels, the new infrastructure picks up the original function and architectural layout of the building and gives it a new purpose. The purpose of the re-use of the structure is regional and social development in the economic, cultural, educational and social fields. This will save resources, as comparatively minor adjustments were necessary for it to be available for the population in the coming decades. The investments in infrastructure, equipment and human resources as well as the partnerships were designed for the long term.


Interstitial space for networking and experimentation

You heard right, the former Drusus Barracks on the western outskirts of Silandro has reopened its doors. Completed in 1937, up to 1,200 soldiers lived in it at peak times, and then the last military uses were abandoned at the end of the 1990s. The site of the former Caserma Druso, which covers a total of four hectares, passed from the state to the municipality via the land in 2014. The barracks is built in such a way that it could manage the essential operational organizations and utilities. In one of the four buildings, work has been going on busily since 2018: On part of the site, namely in the former barracks supply building Palazzina Servizi, the municipality of Silandro has built a Social Activation Hub in recent years as part of the regional development project for research and innovation and creative industries. By Social Activation Hub is meant a place that inspires people to take responsibility for themselves and others.


Where to go for the Social Activation Hub?

BASIS Vinschgau Venosta is a cross-sector platform for a peripheral rural catchment area, located in a place steeped in history. The former supply building Palazzina Servizi is part of the Caserma Druso barracks and is located in Silandro in Val Venosta, in the west of South Tyrol, in the north of Italy. The central location of the market town in the valley favors the establishment of the integrative development project BASIS Vinschgau Venosta as a Vinschgau service and training location. The aim is to reactivate initiative, enthusiasm and responsibility among the population and to enable, shape and perpetuate cross-sectoral development processes.


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