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Open Call for Music Residency at BASIS

The project aims to integrate residents into ongoing community music initiatives, specifically "BASIS of Music" (a learning group for music-studying kids) and our weekly Jam sessions, both vital assets to our local music community. This intentional collaboration has a dual purpose: fostering creativity and production of innovative music scene.

We firmly believe that music is inherently linked to community, reflecting and being shaped by shared experiences, cultural influences, and collaborative expressions within that community. This conviction underscores our commitment to having residents participate in our communal endeavors.


One Month Music Residency in the Alps
Culture Moves Europe – Residency Action



Artists and cultural professionals (A&CPs) residing in other Creative Europe countries (non italian residents)*
Date: September 01. – September 30.
Duration: 30 days
Accomodation covered and  within the structure in shared rooms in Maisonette Apartments
Daily allowance per A&CP: 25€
Travel allowance up to 700€ (depending on the travel route; only from and to location of residnece)
During the one month there will be different activities with a clear outcome and Mentoring Sessions
Application via this LINK
Application Deadline: May 20.


Objective and relevance
To create: to engage in a collective creative process seeking to produce a new piece of artistic/cultural work.
To connect: to develop a professional network, to strengthen the participants’ professional development, to engage with new audiences.

The combination of fostering creativity through the residency and actively involving residents in community activities can create a synergistic effect, benefiting both the artists and the local music scene. It enhances the artistic landscape by introducing new sounds and ideas, while also contributing to the growth and sustainability of the local musical ecosystem. Residents participating in community activities can attract new audiences to local events and has the potential to create a vibrant, inclusive, and culturally diverse musical landscape. This not only benefits the residents by providing them with exposure but also helps in expanding the reach and impact of local music initiatives. This residency also contributes to a culture of experimentation, collaboration, and artistic exploration that can shape the future of music. Residents have the freedom to explore unconventional ideas without the immediate pressure of commercial success, fostering a culture of experimentation.


The outcomes of the project centered on the production of innovative music and community involvement can contribute to the sustainability, growth, and enrichment of the local music scene in various dimensions. Residents, having been involved in community activities, may continue to engage with the local audience through performances, workshops, and educational programs. This interaction enhances community participation and support for the arts. The innovative music produced during the residency can become part of the local artistic legacy, influencing future generations of musicians and shaping the identity of the local music scene. Residents may adopt sustainable creative practices in their ongoing careers. This can include a commitment to experimentation, collaboration, and pushing artistic boundaries. Residents, as experienced artists, may engage in initiatives, sharing their knowledge and skills. This can contribute to the development of a more educated and skilled pool of artists


Permises and services
A&CPs will work in different spaces such as the big event space “KASINO” (210m²), where they are able to prepare. Also foreseen is the Creative Studio (foto, film, virtual reality; 120m²). These rooms are fully equipped with lighting and sound equipment (System – 9x Sentinel 10, 10x RR12, 9x VR12, 6x GT90, 2x BF121, 4x BC543, 8x costumized Kickfiller), the technology is operated by the inhouse technician. For the Mentoring session and research other rooms, such as Meeting- or Seminary Druckdatum 1.15.2024 / Magda Tumler Rooms with wifi and beamer will be used. The shared space, Salotto, can be used at all times also for preparation and individual work. The Workshops, lasercut, fablab can and will be used for preparation.

The A&CPs will have shared rooms in Maisonette Apartments on two floors with their own bathrooms. There is a shared space, the so called Salotto, where the participants have the opportunity to network with people outside their project. The kitchen in the shared space can be used from the A&CPs. There is also a big garden and a basketball field and a terrasse which the participants can use. The work spaces are within the main building and the side building which is one minute away.


Project schedule
Week 1: Orientation – intro, studio overview; what can be used to work on the program, how do the sessions work

Week 1-2: Residents work on their own projects and simultaneously volunteer on two recurring community happenings. The first one is the “BASIS of Music” class, every Tuesday, led by a rotating resident each week, and the second one is the “BASIS open stage” jam session, every Wednesday, fostering community collaboration.

Week 3: Collaborative Sessions – exploration and idea-sharing among residents. Week 4: Progress Sharing – sharing session where residents showcase their works to their peers.

Week 4: Closing Event – culminating in live performances or playing recorded pieces in a concert format.

Support Plan:
Weekly Rotation: Different residents lead “BASIS of Music,” ensuring diverse teaching styles.
Group Jam Participation: Weekly group Jam sessions foster communal music creation.
Daily Group and Individual Work: Balancing collaborative and individual projects daily.
Mentoring Sessions: Regular mentoring guides residents in equipment use and sparks creativity.
Community Showcase: A culminating event showcases collaborative and individual works.


Dolev Nahoom Sanbira:  28-year-old Portuguese citizen currently living in Israel. An active musician in the local scene performing throughout the country. Primarily focused on developing and guiding music communities by creating events, residencies, music productions and more.

CV of Dolev Nahoom Sanbira


Application and criteria
Interested individuals or groups are required to submit their applications according to the guidelines provided. The application package includes the completed application form (personal data), a CV and portfolio or samples of previous work and a motivation letter and proof of residence. The selection criteria include the applicant’s artistic and professional background, experience, and the relevance of their project to the focus. After the evaluation process, the residency host announces the selected residents through email notifications and public announcements.


Contact of Administrator:
Magda Tumler: