Veröffentlichung im Sinne der Transparenzbestimmungen/Pubblicazione ai fini della trasparenza 2021: Amt für Innovation und Technologie/Ufficio Innovazione e tecnologia: 96.250€ – Abteilung Wirtschaft/Ripartizione Economia: 96.250€ – Amt für Kultur/Ufficio cultura: 63.050€ – Marktgemeinde Schlanders/Comune di Silandro: 100.000€


Festival der KreativKultur

The festival serves as a bridge between arts and crafts, design, music, technology and the theme of monuments. It is meant to be a festival for all ages, designed to be interactive. With the name monument we want to encourage reflection, about sites like ours and a meaningful re-use, about the importance of art and culture also in everyday life, about alternative and new ways of working in rural areas and about other socially relevant issues.

It will take place on July 30 and 31, 2022. It will start on Saturday at noon and it will go until Sunday early afternoon. Admission to the entire site is with voluntary donation.


BASIS main building – various workshops will take place during the day. The workshops are mainly tech and reuse and recycle workshops. Installations will also take place during the day (Seminarium, KASINO, Sink). Creative Workshop – Users* of the studios and production spaces in the Creative Workshop will open their spaces to the public. (Sat. + Sun.) Allee – In front of the creative workshop an art market with artists and craftsmen will take place. This will be announced in advance through an open call, so that artists* from all over the country can come forward to exhibit their art. If you are also interested, please contact us: (Sat. + Sun.) Basketball court – There will be various musicians playing on the court all day. If you are also interested, please contact us: (Sat+Sun). Meadow – Will be an open space for art installations, yoga or and talks and discussions, improv theater and kids games. (Sat+Sun). Remaining outdoor area – In front of the two buildings artists will work on WallPaintings, Murales and Tactical Urbanism. (Sat. + Sun.) KASINO – In the evening, clubbing will take place at KASINO. (Sat.)