Veröffentlichung im Sinne der Transparenzbestimmungen/Pubblicazione ai fini della trasparenza 2021: Amt für Innovation und Technologie/Ufficio Innovazione e tecnologia: 217.000€ – Amt für Kultur/Ufficio cultura: 63.000€ – Marktgemeinde Schlanders/Comune di Silandro: 100.000€ – Gemeinde Mals: 6.000€

Event Venue KASINO

Events of any kind in the former cinema of the Palazzina Servizi

The heart of the building is the former cinema of the Drusus barracks. It has now been converted into a multifunctional event space for knowledge transfer and interaction and offers a unique venue for conferences, lectures, live, theater, club and cinema. With a floor space of 220m², a room height of 8.34m and the surrounding gallery, it is an event location with a historical unique selling point. The “KASINO” can accommodate 200 people sitting and 500 people standing. Its own bar area, the associated gallery, the retreat room and the outdoor area can also be booked.



The so-called “KASINO” has

– a “state of the art” room acoustics and sound technology
– a retractable stage
– a back room with its own backstage and service area
– the required lighting, audio and microphone technology



– 9x Sentinel 10
– 10x RR12
– 9x VR12
– 6x GT90
– 2x BF121
– 4x BC543
– 8x costumized Kickfiller


The concept was implemented by Pro Performance with Alcons Audio for the sound system, Lambda Labs FRPR bass absorbers for the control of the low frequency sound components and customized absorbers in the stage area. The acoustic package is rounded off by an industrial absorber ceiling at a height of approx. 8.5 meters. The result is a room that not only has acoustic studio quality but also a remarkably linear reverberation time curve. Under such conditions, the system plays at an almost unheard-of high level.



Streaming Video

– 3 camera angles
– professional lighting
– ATEM Tele-vi-sion Studio Pro HD Switcher


The team around BASIS Vinschgau Venosta is happy to help with the organization of a catering service and technical equipment.