Veröffentlichung im Sinne der Transparenzbestimmungen/Pubblicazione ai fini della trasparenza 2021: Amt für Innovation und Technologie/Ufficio Innovazione e tecnologia: 217.000€ – Amt für Kultur/Ufficio cultura: 63.000€ – Marktgemeinde Schlanders/Comune di Silandro: 100.000€ – Gemeinde Mals: 6.000€

Music & culture

Club & Bass

Cultural events, especially music events, are particularly important in the BASIS Vinschgau Venosta. As a place for doers and makers, the Urban Hub also offers space for niche culture and underground scenes. The local music culture as well as renowned artists from all over the world find a place on stage. The so-called “KASINO” has a “state of the art” room acoustic and sound technology, a retractable stage, a back room with its own backstage and service area and the necessary lighting, audio and microphone technology.
Listed below you will find our events.

Friends & Disco


The music event Back2Basics has been taking place annually on December 26th since 2019. The mix of different local musical styles and from abroad is intended to appeal to a broad audience. Especially young people who live abroad and return home during the Christmas season, are invited. December 26th has always been considered a “day of friendship” in the Venosta Valley and thats why we want to celebrate it. 

Film & theater

Watch it!

Our event space, the so-called KASINO, with a “state of the art” room acoustic and sound technology, large retractable stage and the necessary lighting, audio and microphone technology can be used as a cinema or theater venue. With a floor space of 220m², a room height of 8.34m and the surrounding gallery, it is a venue with a historical unique selling point. The KASINO holds 232 people seated and 500 people standing. But not only inside, also outside on the lawn or the drill field, films can be shown in good resolution and quality and theater performances can take place.


Drive-in cinema

Not only for Cabrios and romantics…the first drive-in cinema in Schlanders takes place once or twice a year in the parade ground of the former Drusus barracks and is organised by BASIS Vinschgau Venosta, together with Schlanders Marketing. With a big screen, lots of space and selected films, this unique event always attracts many visitors from all over the region.


Movie Nights

On warm summer nights, we offer the opportunity to experience outdoor cinema. Selected films are shown on a big screen under the stars. There is also the opportunity to snack and drink and have community before and after the movie. So, snuggle up and enjoy the movie!

art & stuff

The art of being creative

Where can you still find room to be creative, where can you still live your life to the fullest? With us! BASIS is the place for your art and yourself. We not only have the space where you can paint, draw, sculpt, tinker and let off steam, but also the space where you can show off your art.

Community & you

Being together not alone

Community is very important to us and cannot be missing in the BASIS program. That’s why we have come up with formats where it becomes tangible and people come together to have “good times”. At the community events everyone is invited and can even bring friends, family and relatives. What must not be missing is food and drinks and of course that will be taken care of.

Hang out


Hoangårtn (dialect: chat/talk/entertain) is our community gathering in the common room Salotto. Usually there is homemade pizza, drinks and music, but also chestnuts and cider may not be missing in autumn. All are invited to spend a fine evening in a cozy setting, without any program, just hoangårtn.

Kids & social issues

For young & old

To encourage creativity, we love to organize events especially for children – whether outdoors or in the BASIS premises, there is plenty of space. It is important to us to promote the cooperation and expertise of local clubs and associations. Of course, the social aspect should not be missing either, and here too we work with experts and institutions that help us implement various formats.


BASIS Stammtisch - regular’s table

At the open BASIS Stammtisch, people come together at the same eye level, listen, discuss, exchange ideas and views. It usually takes place regularly in a restaurant in Schlanders or the surrounding area. The aim of the open Stammtisch is the exchange of ideas and information on specific, current topics. There doesn’t need not be a clear result. Through open discussion in a relaxed atmosphere, the local restaurant culture should be maintained.



Creative work and unfolding with different materials – accompanied by Christina and Isolde. It is ostensibly about the doing – the process, not the result. In addition, this is a place of appreciation and heart building. Please bring old stuff such as clothes, shoes and so on. Those who wish can also collect and bring worthless material such as packaging, driftwood, screws, shells, etc.


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